Support Ms. Wheeler's Project!

Support Ms. Wheeler's Project!
Posted on 11/14/2019
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Making Reading Fun

Help me give my students a fun, relaxing and enjoyable way to read books and love them while doing it.

My Students
I am a new 1st grade teacher, but working at the building last year doing title math I know a ton of them that are coming up.

They deserve so much more than I could ever imagine being able to give them!

I love their creativity and their imaginations. I love how they are interested in so many things and they learn new things from each other every day! They are fun, loving and WILD (That's our theme this year).

It amazing me how they show up every day and look forward to being with each other despite their home life. Many come from low-income households, but they show you they still enjoy life. They still make me laugh and smile and show each other that we are a family!

My Project
These objects will allow me to give students comfortable seating options. Bookshelf to store books on and new books that kids will love.

Reading should be enjoyable and relaxing and these items will give my students just that!

I really want my kids to fall in love with reading, even if that means getting to sit down in a super relaxing chair and reading pictures.

First Grade is such a crucial year in a child's schooling. They will either learn to love it or resent it and my goal is to make them LOVE READING.

This project will allow me to create the ultimate reading space. I will use these objects along with others that I already have bought to give them the top-notch nest to read in. I can't wait to see the kids in THEIR reading space enjoying these awesome books!

Please click the link below to support Ms. Wheeler's project!
Support Ms. Wheeler's project!