About Us

Constellation Schools: Parma Community is a charter school that educates students in grades K-12. Parma Community Elementary (PCE), located at 7667 Day Drive in Parma currently educates students in grades K-3. Our charter with the State of Ohio limits us to smaller class sizes, usually no more than twenty two students per class. We provide a complete curriculum which meets and exceeds all the Common Core standards which have been adopted by the State of Ohio and take part in all state mandated assessments. We have specialists provide instruction in music and physical education. We also have specialists who are employed to help in meeting the needs of students who have special needs.

Constellation Schools: Parma Community Elementary is small enough to provide your child with all of the individual attention they require on a day to day basis. We do require a school dress code and teach family values through our Character Education curriculum. We also provide all our students with instruction in the use of computers. All second and third grade students receive a laptop. Each kindergarten and first grade classroom is equipped with an up-to-date laptop cart. We believe that with the direction education and our society is moving, having computer skills will help all children be successful in the future.

Constellation Schools: Parma Community Elementary is dedicated to providing each child a world-class education. Our team knows that in order for that to happen we need to have a cooperative connection with parents and the community. We welcome all parent volunteers in the classroom, lunchroom, and playground. We want to build lasting connections with our parents and community.

In addition to our educational program, we offer a number of extra-curricular activities based on the interests of our students. Some past interests and activities included Spanish, ice skating, basketball, garden club, library club, choir and swimming.

Please call and schedule an appointment to visit our school and check out our program in person. Simply call us at 440-888-5490 and we will be very happy to take you on a tour of our school and to answer any of your questions.

All Constellation Schools are public schools with no tuition. They are privately run, proud leaders of Ohio’s charter schools, offering a choice in education for thousands of Ohio’s families.