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Contact Our Counseling Staff

Mrs. Emily Ganzhorn
[email protected]
(440) 887-0319 x77200
Last Names A-L

Mrs. Christy Stefanak
[email protected]
(440) 887-0319 x77210
Last Names M-Z

The PCH school counselors:

  • Facilitate student development in the areas of academic, personal/social and career planning;
  • Provide individual counseling to meet the immediate needs of students;
  • Organize small group counseling sessions to address assessed needs;
  • Respond to crisis situations and serve on the school crisis team;
  • Assist students with career and educational plans;
  • Conduct parent conferences and provide parent education programs;
  • Consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents, community organizations and agencies;
  • Advocate for student experiences and activities that will broaden career opportunities and academic exploration;
  • Demonstrate accountability for program results; and
  • Refer students and parents to district resources and community agencies.