Constellation Schools offers a curriculum based on the National Common Core Standards. These standards are designed to provide our teachers with a road map for instruction. 

From The Ohio Department Of Education Website: Ohio's New Learning Standards

In June 2010, the State Board of Education adopted Ohio's New Learning Standards in English language arts and mathematics, the results of a multi-state effort. The board also has adopted Ohio's New Learning Standards in science, social studies, fine arts, world languages, and several other subjects. These more rigorous standards, geared to college and career readiness, will drive learning in Ohio classrooms by 2014-2015. The Ohio Department of Education has worked with teams of teachers across the state to develop a model curriculum of teaching strategies and resources aligned to Ohio's New Learning Standards. The State Board also has adopted model curriculum for most subjects. | Fact Sheet: Ohio's New Learning Standards

In accordance with the standards, all of our schools offer instruction in mathematics, social studies, science, citizenship, language arts (reading, spelling, and phonics), music, health and physical education. We utilize Holt McDougal and Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt curriculum products with few exceptions. Materials and texts are reviewed on a regular basis by a Curriculum Council, with recommendations for new adoptions based on staff input. Workbooks and textbooks are provided for students to use both in school and at home, and, in many cases, materials can also be accessed online. Core materials and supplemental products are purchased to address the varying abilities and learning styles of our students.

The majority of our classrooms are equipped with interactive SMART Boards, student computers and computer carts and/or labs. In addition to our regular classroom activities, this technology allows our students to have access to numerous computer-based programs. Currently, Constellation Schools utilize a variety of computer-based programs, including: Raz-Kids, Accelerated Reader, Think Through Math, IXL Math, BrainPOP, Reading Plus, Earobics, Social Studies Alive and others.

Art, music and physical education are integrated throughout the curriculum with a variety of opportunities to explore different materials and tools. Constellation is committed to the pursuit of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle activities through whole-school physical education initiatives that each school develops. Two of our schools, Westside Community School of the Arts and the Eastside Arts Academy, provide students with an educational approach that places greater emphasis on the arts. Both schools are designed to stimulate creativity, enrich and accelerate aesthetic development and create an enduring respect and passion for the arts. Over time these schools will provide in-depth instruction in visual arts (i.e. drawing, painting, sculpting, computer graphics, and photography), instrumental music (i.e. band and orchestra), and dance, theater and vocal music.

The cornerstone of our curriculum is our Character Education Program which is integrated throughout all of our classroom lessons. Our Character Education slogan is:

Remember: We all Make Choices. Choices have Consequences. Be Smart and Make the Right Choices.