Support Mrs. Fasig's Project!

Support Mrs. Fasig's Project!
Posted on 04/10/2017

The Beginning of A Makerspace

My students need a 3D printer and building supplies to start our makerspace.

My Students
Our students are very inquisitive and enjoy being creative which are two great aspects when working with technology. We are a 1:1 laptop school and the students love being able to use their laptops for various projects, coding programs, and Google applications.

Our students come from all over, different neighborhoods, cities, and countries.

Families choose our charter school because of the atmosphere and the teachers. We want to be able to give them as many opportunities as possible and be able to provide experiences that they cannot get anywhere else.

My Project
A makerspace is where students and teachers can gather to work on projects, share ideas, use and learn about equipment, and help solve community problems. Makerspaces are created and utilized at many schools but may take on different looks. The definition is broad and the creation can be whatever the school, teacher, and students want it to be.

We want to make an environment where students and teachers can come together to build, solve problems, share knowledge, and be creative.

Students are able to take control of their learning in a makerspace. We hope to enhance problem-solving skills through this initiative.

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